Kamagra ®

is a new medicine manufactured by Ajanta Pharma.

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is used solely on the recommendation of the doctor, as excessive or incorrect its use can lead to a number of serious problems related side effects.

There are also direct contraindications. First of all, very carefully to receive Kamagra need to treat men who have cardiovascular disease. Like all stimulating drugs, it gives a thorough load on the heart.

In addition, the doctor it is necessary to tell about what other drugs in the time of the appointment Kamagra, taken by the patient. The fact is that this tool can increase the effects of other drugs that may lead to sad consequences. And certainly should not Kamagra taken together with other medications that contribute to the penis.

In case of take of Kamagra in high doses or prolonged periods are possible variety side effects. Besides the above-mentioned impact on the cardiovascular system, the drug may also cause problems for the digestive system. In the presence of ulcers of the stomach or intestinal ulcers, the drug in General is banned for use. The same applies to the reception of this preparation with alcohol. The severity of side effects increases in times.

It should be noted that, in some men taking the drug Kamagra, there was observed a number of side effects a few less, than in applying the drug Viagra, especially if we are talking about a sudden reddening of the face and neck, the so-called blushing-syndrome.

Today Kamagra sold in doses of 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. When used for the first time, a doctor, most likely, will appoint the minimum dose. Subsequently, when not meeting a goal, the dose may be increased. Or, on the contrary, have decreased, if this use of the drug has led to undesirable side effects as a consequence of individual intolerance.

Thus, Kamagra is a perfect solution of the problem of erectile dysfunction. If you still doubt this, then study kamagra reviews. In this case it is much cheaper Viagra, does not yielding to her in the pharmaceutical efficiency.

So, what is Kamagra? Kamagra has the same active ingredients and safe health, as well as the original product Viagra. Therefore, buying Kamagra is absolutely length and cost-effective alternative to currently known Viagra. This drug is generic version of Viagra and has excellent prices. This is a very effective drug for improving sexuality.

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