Kamagra ®

is a new medicine manufactured by Ajanta Pharma.


Psychological causes are one of the major factors which cause impotency. Psychological factors that cause problems with erection may include depression, anxiety, apathy, tension, conflict with a partner, fatigue, incompatibility of the sexual habits and characters of the partners, and so on. Very often, even when the physical factor that causes impotence cured, and in physiology all right, because of psychological factors, arisen because of previous failures, the man was still unable to have a normal erection. In such cases it is recommended to consult with an experienced sexologist.

Even in such cases, Kamagra can help. And it is very frequent after several successful sexual intercourses with Kamagra, further you can have sex without its help. Successful sexual intercourse can eliminate the psychological factor that causes impotence.

The Kamagra is and contraindications: any forms of acute and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidney and liver failure, the simultaneous taking of nitrates, deformation of the penis, sickle-cell anemia, erythroid myeloma, acute and chronic leucosis.

Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, as well as with increased sensitivity to components of the drug, it should be use the drug under the supervision of a physician.

Kamagra is taken orally 1 time in the day for a single tablet for 30-40 minutes prior to anticipated sexual intimacy. Repeated taking during the day increase the frequency of side effects. Tablets should drink small amounts of water. Before the first taking you should consult with the qualified doctor.

The main Kamagra side effects

  1. Sense organs, nervous system: dizziness, headache, tides blood to a person, changing the colour, the effect of fog, increased light sensitivity.
  2. Gastrointestinal: dyspepsia, diarrhea.
  3. Respiratory system: stuffiness in nose.
  4. Skin: rash.
  5. Urogenital system: urinary tract infection.
  6. Other Kamagra side effects: back pain, respiratory tract infections, syndrome of arthralgia, like influenza.

All of the above Kamagra side effects are expressed rather poorly and the effect of their and short, don’t worry, their manifestation does not necessarily.

Remember that the drug does not eliminate the cause of the erectile dysfunction and does not cause a erection by itself; he at the time increases the blood stream to the penis and contributes to the erection provided with adequate sexual stimulation. The ineffectiveness of the product shows the use of other methods of treatment.