Kamagra ®

is a new medicine manufactured by Ajanta Pharma.


Kamagra is not taken for women. Men suffering from diabetes, cardio-vascular problems, kidney disease and liver and the deformation of the penis before taking of the preparation should consult with a physician. In the treatment of erectile dysfunction was also marked by the loss of vision. As a rule, Kamagra side effects occur from low doses of the drug, such as headache, disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea and indigestion. These kamagra Side effects are usually mild and moderately expressed and stored for long, as reflected in kamagra Reviews. Higher doses produce more pronounced Kamagra side effects. If, after taking of the preparation penis lasts for more than 4 hours should be reported to the specialists, as this may indicate a possible overdose. You should also know that the most sensitive to the drug are the elderly.

General information
Kamagra (Kamagra) allows you to restore the potency of men, to reach the penis and hold it for 1-2 minutes more than 8-12 minutes.

You must inform your doctor about all the medical agents You are taking. Kamagra can be used  with other medicines only in case if it’s recommended by doctor. Kamagra can cause an undesirable increase of that you are taking medicines called nitrates and donators of oxides of nitrogen (used for treatment of angina pectoris). At the same time the drug and take them in no case it should be. In addition, Kamagra shouldn’t be used in combination with other ED drugs for treatment of a similar problem, do not experiment.

Special tips on the use of medicines:

  • • Consult a qualified physician, and he shall thoroughly examine all your history of the illness. It is very important to know do you suffer from eye diseases, anemia, allergies, deformation of the penis, blood cancer, Hyper-or, may lower blood pressure.
  • • Avoid alcohol as this can increase severity of the by-effects of the remedy.
  • • Rise slowly to prevent dizziness

Kamagra meets the strict principles of production, set forth by the FDA. This is a great and wonderful remedy. Be smarter and save money by buying cheap Kamagra.

Before taking of kamagra preparation should consult a specialist, who examined your body, identify the diagnosis, treatment, and dosage. Do not neglect our Council, because of this may depend on your health.